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Wicked A Number New York Theatre Workshop, 2004 Lighting Designer  By Caryl Churchill, Directed by James Macdonald, Starring Sam Shepard Scenery Design by Eugene Lee

“The East Village theater… has transformed itself… The proscenium has been removed, and in its place a small indoor amphitheater with stadium seating has been installed… a leather couch and an old lamp are all that dress the stage… and the lighting by Edward Pierce consists of a humongous spotlight that hangs over the actors like a massive artificial star..”  full review >>

“The sensation is heightened by Eugene Lee’s minimalist design. Only a leather sofa and a standing lamp adorn the reduced stage against a raw brick wall. But Lee has reconstructed the NYTW space with a steeply raked semi-circle of amphitheater-style seating, inspired by a 19th century medical operating theater and lit in part by a single giant surgical lamp directly above the actors...”

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“A Number" … is a great event. And the Workshop has honored the occasion not only by luring the magnetic Mr. Shepard… back to the stage, but also by entirely reconfiguring its theater. The designer Eugene Lee has created an interior fashioned after medical operating theaters of the 19th century, with seats arranged on a steep, high-rising slope, looking down on a clean, harshly lighted space, suitable for the performance of autopsies.”  full review >>